Here at Theatricals we provide a safe and friendly environment where children are free to be children.

Our week to week classes hold a range of activities all of which encourage the child to become enthusiastic and try new things.

We offer something for everyone, whether you enjoy taking on character roles, Boogieing in our movement workshops or just enjoy playing games. You’ll find something to suit you here!

Allowing children to have a goal and work towards it as part of a group helps promotes great self-ambition, develop their social skills and team work technique. Not to mention the great feeling of achievement they have once they have accomplished their goal.

The variety of games and workshops that take place within each session help children gain self-confidence and develop there communication skills further.

Theatricals above all is a kids haven where they are encouraged to have fun and make new friends.

What they say...

'Always happy to blend into the background this was not the obvious choice of activity club for my child. He will admit that himself, he is no singer, dancer and was certainly not one for the spotlight. He was so lacking in confidence and self-esteem. However with a lot of persuasion he went to his first session, 2 and a half years later he is still attending weekly sessions. It's become part of his routine now and something he is always very keen to do. A parent always believes they know their own child, but by attending theatricals I have discovered qualities in him that as a parent i didn't know he had. 
Theatricals has helped to develop his 'whole self' its so much more than a traditional theater group, he has been welcomed, accepted and both supported and challenged to try new things. His confidence and self-esteem have been built by being able to take risks in a friendly and welcoming environment.
He talks so positively about the activities provided, more recently there have been opportunities that have enabled the group to see a wider audience, this has given him a chance to perform of stage and engage with the public. 
I have been so impressed with commitment to the children/young people that Ashleigh and her team so clearly display. They love what they do and it is shown by the positivity that my child brings home every week. 
The shows and productions are amazing, so much time and care put into each one. such a cross section of ages and skills, yet every individual and every role is valued. I really can't imagine Alex without his theatricals experience and neither can he. I am eternally grateful to Ashleigh and the theatricals team and would recommend this group without reservation to anyone.' 

- Alex's Mother (Stage Magic)